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    Get a Copy of the Groundbreaking Book:

    Profit First

  • Our Offer For You!

    We’re serious about supporting cigar businesses and their growth.


    So serious that we’ll happily send you a free copy of the revolutionary book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz. Mike wrote this book back in 2014 because he realized that we are facing an endemic of entrepreneurial poverty. Prior to this, Mike had personally built (and sold) several businesses, yet was somehow never comfortable financially. It wasn’t until he realized that the way we have been taught to look at finances (Revenue - Expenses = Profit) is backward that he made a breakthrough.


    Over the following years, he established the Profit First methodology and tested it across hundreds of businesses.

    But! We know small business…


    And we know how hard it can be to take time to read a book, no matter how important it is, so in this copy of the book, we’ll mark all of Gabe’s favorite passages that he thinks will make the biggest impact for you.


    Call it the cliff-notes version, with access to the entire text at-your-discretion!



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