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    Meet Pina Business Services: Your Financial Advisory Board!

    Our goal is to ensure that you are confident in your finances and can make educated decisions to grow your business. Pina Business Services comes in to fill whatever gaps your small business financial department (or lack thereof!) has! Whether you need basic bookkeeping, tax planning, tax filing, or help to figure out where your money is at, we are your outsourced financial department!

     Meet Pina Business Services: Your Financial Advisory Board!




    Bookkeeping shouldn’t be a dirty word! We’ll take all the stress out of inputting data into your bookkeeping software and ensure you have up-to-date and accurate books monthly!




    Tax Services


    We are not your average tax filing firm! We believe an ounce of prevention covers a multitude of frustration so we bring together both tax planning AND more traditional tax filing services!



    Advisory Services


    We’re passionate about eradicating the entrepreneurial poverty that absorbs too many small business owners and makes it hard to pay the bills.