• Why We Do This

    Pina Business Services was founded in 2007 out of a passion to help small business owners understand their Financial Statements.


    Today, our mission hasn’t changed much. We still aim to help small business owners understand their financial statements, but now we also support small business owners in becoming profitable businesses as well.


    Too many entrepreneurs take either a paycheck or profit distributions and are constantly fighting the cashflow crunch. Worse still, they find themselves wondering where exactly those elusive profits have disappeared to. We help business owners follow a simple and repeatedly proven method to increase profits and build financially stable businesses.

  • Our Immutable Laws



    We believe that great communication skills are the foundation of business. Communication allows us to connect with each other and you clearly so we can best support your growth!


    We strive to support a

    growth-oriented mindset in ourselves and our clients. We want our team members to be always learning and growing,

    and to connect with clients who are focused on growth as well!


    We take ownership of projects and of the work performed. By doing so, we can uphold higher standards of quality for ourselves and our clients.


    We ask our team to be respectful to each other and to you, our clients, at all times. That includes being respectful of time and in each interaction.

    And we ask the same of our clients towards us!


    We look for people to be part of our circle who are willing and interested in learning new skills. We understand that what got you where you are may not get you where you’re going, and we all must constantly keep learning!


    As Gabe reminds us “Never quit learning!”

  • Meet Gabe

    Pina Business Services was founded by Gabe in 2007. Prior to that, he was frequently working 60-hour weeks and constantly missing his family. If you ask Gabe, the best part of starting the business is that he could be present to watch his children grow up into the adults they are now. He travels more frequently (a real passion for him), and is able to be an engaged member of his community in Cheyenne Wyoming.


    Now you can find him almost every morning on the porch enjoying the brisk Wyoming air, an educational book, and a cigar before he heads to the office.

    Gabe works with clients across the US in a variety of industries to establish financially secure small businesses! He was the first Profit First certified firm in Wyoming because of his passion to help small business owners stop worrying about money so they can focus on their business.

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