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This week’s blog I will give a brief description of Tax Planning and Profit First Coaching, as I have done previous blogs about these two before and I don’t want to bore you.


7 years can be communicated a sense of “fullness” or” completeness”, at least that’s what it means when referring to the Bible. And on February 14, 2022, we at Piña Business Services, Inc. will be started our third 7-year cycle.


Cycle one was spent in San Diego CA, getting the business started and making a name for ourselves. We went through 2 logos, and 4 different locations.


Our second cycle moved us to Cheyenne, WY where I was taken out of my comfort zone and had to learn almost everything all over again. Marketing in San Diego, CA is a whole lot different than Cheyenne, WY, or even marketing to business owners outside of your physical location.

Our third cycle… hopefully will be a fun one, only time will tell.


Piña Business Services, Inc. was started as a Bookkeeping and Tax Business, adding Payroll along the way. After 14 years of providing these services, we have added a few more services, my few favorites are Tax Planning, Profit First Coaching and Consulting, sorry, but I’m a number guy and this stuff intrigues me.


Tax Planning: We take your current Profit and Loss report and other paystubs, along with looking at what tax credits and deductions you qualify for and give you a report letting you know if you are going to owe or get a refund. Then we go over options to lower your Taxable Income, along with your tax liability.


Profit First Coaching: takes the Profit First Methodology of Sales – Profit = Expenses. Paying yourself first. We will meet monthly and go over your Profit First Plan, go over your actual vs target numbers and make sure you are on target to reach your Personal and Business goals.


Next week we will go over the Consulting and our vision for the next 7 years.


If you ever want to chat about business, please schedule a free consultation at https://go.thryv.com/site/pinabiz. Also, check out the other blogs on the website!


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