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Last week I talked about finding people to help keep you accountable. Now that you have those people there, what do you share with them?


Here is where a Business Coach will come in: They will want to know your Vision for your business. Where do you see the business in 3-5 years? Then you take that vision I start to dissect (no we aren’t going to do a science experiment), we want to start small so we can achieve big. How do you get from your current situation to your vision?


Over the years I have been playing around with how to make this work. Recently, I realized that I needed to break up the goals into Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly objectives. Creating action plans to take bite size pieces so you aren’t overwhelming yourself. Setting goals could be a very overwhelming process. If you take small steps, you will reach small wins. With those wins comes momentum.


Once you create the vision, your objections, and your action steps, make sure to break them down into Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly steps. From there when you meet with your advisors get their feedback, learn what worked for them, and what didn’t, and then go back and make the adjustments that need to be made.


Make sure you have a planner or a journal, write down your action steps that you need to complete during the week or the month. Keep it in front of you so you can take the time out of your busy day to work on the big picture work of the business. This is as important as the day-to-day work of the business.


Make sure to have the tools that you need to be successful. If you don’t have the tools, make them. For me my biggest tool is my planner. This is a custom journal that I made to helped me to stay focus.


Over the 15 years of being in business, I have purchased a planner every year. Always looking for something that fit my needs. I liked certain parts out of one planner, and certain parts of another planner, and then that got me thinking, I can make my own planner, that fits what I want to accomplish, it has my own narrative to guide me throughout the week, the month, quarter, and the year. Re-evaluating on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. It made never been perfect, but then again nothing is. As long as I use the planner, and keep growing, that is all that matters.


Don’t forget to celebrate the wins of the business. When you hit the milestones, when you hit the goals that you have been working hard on over the months and years. Celebrate, and make sure to thank your advisors, for pushing you along, for being a sounding board, or giving you the straight talk that you needed to hear.


If you want to learn more about my planner, or setting up goals, schedule a free consultation and I would be happy to share the knowledge that has been shared with me.

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