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We understand that there are many options to file your tax return. There are the online software’s, were you answer questions, put your information in send it off. They have they cool trackers as you put each information in, it will adjust your refund or balance due. At the end of the day, you are responsible for what is on the tax return, not the software company, as they computed the tax return based on how you answered the questions, and what information you entered into the software.


There are also, many tax preparers out there, either working out of their home, their own business, or at a CPA firm. If you are paying someone to prepare your tax return, make sure they have an IRS issued PTIN, that is a preparer tax identification number. We have to renew that every year with the IRS. If the person preparing your tax return doesn’t put their information and PTIN on your return, they are illegally preparing tax returns.


California and New York are the only 2 states that require their tax professionals to be licensed and required to take continuing education classes. Enrolled Agents and CPAs are also required to take continuing education classes each year.


Since 2018 we have had many tax law changes, and you want to make sure that the person you are having prepare your tax return is up to date on the new laws, so when looking for a tax professional you want to make sure:

1. They have a PTIN

2. They are doing annual continue education classes to stay up to date.


Also, according to the IRS, you are ultimately responsible for your tax return. Make sure you are understanding what you are signing, make sure you understand the where and how the numbers are on the 1040, and make sure you are comfortable with it. If you are not, don’t sign the return, and ask questions! If you aren’t getting your questions answered, go somewhere else.

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