Introduction to C.I.G.A.R.S.

2024 marks my 17th year of Pina Busines Services and analyzing business owners’ financials. I have seen some owners have it all together and everything mapped out. I’ve also seen some owners who run their business by
the seat of their pants, no planning, going week to week, check to check, juggling their finances and trying to pay their bills. At this time, I see a lot of waste being spent out of their business accounts.

Last year I created a program called “C.I.G.A.R.S.”. With this program it will help business owners: Come up with a plan, Spend Intentionally, Understand their Revenue, Learn how to divide up their money for PROFIT, depending on YOUR goals, Along with Tax Planning, and MORE!

Let’s break down CIGARS:

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At Pina Business Services we want to start off by creating a money map. It’s not just a budget, it’s a long-term map. To outline starting today to retirement.

To have an Intentional Spending Mindset. Do I really need to buy this? How is this going to increase my revenue? At Pina Business Services, we will look over your business spending and see what wise spending vs. wasteful spending is.

The goal of having a business is to make a profit and set yourself up for success. To do that you need to understand your profits. At Pina Business Services, we will look at your cash flow and understand where your money is being distributed.

At Pina BusinessServices we have been studying and applying Profit Frist methodology. Profit First methodology has proven to besuccessful, as business owners are seeing their goals reached like: having a saving accounts, allowing businesses owners achieve their long- and short-term goals
to grow their business.

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When running a business, it is important to make sure your point of sales is on point and your
markup of materials are in the industry averages. We will also look at your target goals and reverse engineer your budget so you can understand what kind of revenue you need to have in order to gain Profit.

To have Quarterly Tax Planning sessions to see how thebusiness is going to affect your personal tax return. To make sure you are utilizing the deductions and credits the IRS allows along with sending in those quarterly estimate tax payments.

Pina Business Services provides this on going advisory service to help you reach all your goals that you set for your business, so you can once again take back control of your business.

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