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Welcome to the last week of April, I hope you had a productive meeting with your Tax Preparer/Accountant about your 1st quarter financials and you created a Tax Plan for 2022. If you haven’t there is still time to get it done. Although it is important to get them done on a schedule, but if this is your first year doing them, let’s get your started in May so you can at least get the first one under your belt.



To be prepared for your meeting make sure you have your financials all ready and sent over to your Tax Preparer/Accountant. If you don’t have your 2022 financials already done, I would suggest you meet with an Accountant and get signed up for Monthly Bookkeeping services. It is important to have these done on a monthly basis so you can have an understanding of the health of your business in real time, instead of at the end of the year when it is too late to do anything.


You can plan and plan, but unless you execute the plans, the plans are worthless. Make sure that you are putting the plans to use and don’t be like the government with creating a plan and putting it on the shelve only to sit there not being touched all year long (the government does a great job on spending money on plans, but never use them). So, don’t be like the government, you spent your hard-earned money to get a plan created, go out and make it happen. Open up that SEP/SIMPLE IRA, find something to sponsor in your community, or whatever the plan is, go out and get it done. Trust me it will make you feel better at the end of the day doing so.



I do have a challenge for you, either read or download the audible book of Profit First. Read one chapter a day, trust me, it will change your outlook on how to run your business. If you are interested in Profit First schedule a free Consultation with me at and we can go over your assessment and set up a plan to get you from your Current Allocations to your Target Allocations. If you got the book or downloaded the audible, send me a pic of you with the book, and I’ll enter you in a chance to win a gift card to a local restaurant.



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