• Building Your CIGARS Mold

    We craft the financial side of your business with our proprietary mold so you can develop a financial palate for your business and focus on what you love about what you do!


    What is the CIGARS mold?

    With all of these in place, you can spend more time doing what you love most!

    (And maybe smoke a few cigars!)

  • What Drives Us

    Our founder, Gabe the Cigar Accountant, is passionate about two things: helping small businesses be financially successful, and enjoying a good cigar! After years of pursuing the two separately, he’s brought the two together, to help managing the finances of your business make sense!

  • Our Services

    Pina Business Services was founded with the goal to help small businesses thrive financially. To that end, we offer full-spectrum small business financial services from planning to implementation!

    Profit First


    If you’ve ever looked at your Profit & Loss statement at the end of the year and wondered where that Profit went to - this is for you. Profit First Coaching eliminates the cashflow crush and creates true profits, and paychecks!




    It’s impossible to manage finances without clear and accurate books. Our professional bookkeeping services take the stress off your plate of getting everything input and ensures you have up-to-date information to guide your decisions.




    Our tax services go far beyond filing. We believe in supporting our clients with tax planning services throughout the year so that there is no such thing as a surprise tax bill and you can minimize your tax liability as much as legally possible!


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