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As promised, this week we are going to go talk about steps 1 & 3 in more detail:


A quick reminder of the steps:

1. I look at my current year and ask myself,

- Did I reach my goals?

- Was I on track with my budget?

2. I create my personal budget for the next year.

3. Is the current vision still the vision for the company?


Step 1a: Did I reach my goals?

This is important to go over and understand which goals you achieved and which ones you didn’t. The ones you achieved, congratulations, did you do anything special to celebrate? If you didn’t, you might want to consider creating that into your goals, so you can celebrate the wins in your business! The goals that you didn’t reach, why didn’t you reach them? Were they out of your control? Was it something that changed in the direction you are taking the business? Or did you procrastinate too much, and it didn’t get done? Regardless of the reason of why it didn’t get done, if it still falls in line with your vision, make the adjustments for next year so you can achieve that goal.


Step 3: Is the vision the same?

Recently I learned that I need to pay attention to my vision and do a heart check. Is the vision the same as it was last year, 6 months ago or when you started the business? If not, that is okay, just update the vision and make sure your goals align up with your vision, whatever it is to you.


With both steps, make sure you are talking to your inner circle to get ideas and help if you need it.

Make sure you carve out a couple of hours out of your day and work on the first part of step 1 and step 3, and if you need help don’t hesitate to make an appointment at!


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