Getting Out of Your Zones

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Get out of your office or your storefront. Go to and learn from other people outside of your community. There are a ton of different conferences that are put on every year all over the United States.


A number of years ago, I got connected with a group in Texas called The GrowRetreat, put on by Stephanie Scheller, and it was amazing!!! I have made some friends, met famous business leaders, and learned so much over the years. Plus, I get down to Texas and get to visit Buc-ee’s, get a double-double from In-N-Out, swing by Czech Stop and visit a really great group of folks at a cigar lounge in Fort Worth, called the Underground. Business conference and cigars, what a great week these have become.


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Anyway, during these conferences I have been able to learn, bounce ideas and bring back new ideas to my business from a whole new group of people. A couple of years ago, Stephanie created The GrowCation, a getaway for the business owner to take a weekend in the middle of a forest and be led by a keynote speaker. The first year was led by Mike Michalowicz the author of Profit First, Clockwork and his newest book Get Different (which I may be mentioned in Chapter 2). The next year was led by Jeff Hoffman founder of Priceline, airline ticket kiosk, and music producer. Let me tell you, a 3-day getaway of peace and quick with 5-10 other business owners to enjoy good company, good food, great business advice and a lifetime of memories.


During the GrowCation which Mike led, I learned how to Market my business different. A way to stand out, to be noticed. Hence his newest book Get Different. I learned some of the contents of his book before it was published and was able to start on different ways to market my business and get my name out there. Last year during the GrowCation that Jeff led, I learned about the Resonant Frequency and way to create a Quality of Life. You know the famous term “Work Life Balance” Well, take that and times it by 10, and this hits home to new areas that need to be balanced in your life. I took what Jeff taught, and tweaked it into one that fits my life, as not everyone is going to have the same situations and same balls to juggle.


If I didn’t get out of my comfort zone and travel to Texas to attend the GrowRetreat, I would have never had the opportunity to attend the GrowCation and learn from some amazing business leaders of my time in a small group setting.


Plus, it is good to get away from the day-to-day grind, to refresh and make sure you are on the right track.


If you want to learn more about the GrowCation, Get Different or Quality of Life, schedule a free consolation at and I would be happy to share the knowledge that was shared with me.

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