End of Tax Season

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Now that you have created the correct corporation for you and your business, now what?

  1. Make sure that you or someone is taking care of your Bookkeeping every month. (https://www.pinabiz.com/blog/how-to-keep-your-books-up-to-date)
  2. Review your Financials on a monthly basis (https://www.pinabiz.com/blog/review-your-financials-with-your-accountant-monthly)
  3. Meet with your Tax Preparer on a quarterly basis to do your tax planning (https://www.pinabiz.com/blog/review-your-financials-with-your-accountant-monthly)
  4. Follow the suggestions during your tax planning session

I hope you have read my previous blogs about each of the above items if you haven’t the links are there for your review. Don’t want to bore you with a repeat blog.


Instead of talking about tax/business related topics, I want to take the time let you (the reader) know what I do after taxes are filed and Tax Day is over.


By the time that this blog gets posted it is mid-April, tax season is over, and I would like to thank everyone for a great tax season. This is my favorite time of the year, I get to meet new people, I get to help people start their business and educate folks on the ins and outs of tax laws. I’ve had the great pleasure of doing generational tax clients returns. I have been blessed over the last 15 years of preparing tax returns. A thank you to all of you.


It is also the start (late, but a start) to another MLB season. A year I get excited about my team, only to have yet another disappointed season, hopefully not this year. Send me a DM or email and let me know who your favorite team is. I got my fantasy baseball team all set and ready to take 3 places for another year.


After a very busy and fun tax season I’ll be taking the week after the 18th off for a staycation. I take this time to reenergize and plan out the rest of the year. Most importantly, I take care of the “honey” due list that has been ignored all year. What project do you have at your house that you have been putting off? You may find me at a coffee house enjoying people watching or at the cigar lounge enjoying one of many cigars that are out there. What is your favorite coffeeshop? If you enjoy cigars, what is your favorite cigar?


Send me a DM on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter or send me an email at gpina@pinabiz.com with your answers to the above questions, and you will be entered to win a gift card.


If you are in Cheyenne and would like to grab coffee or a cigar during the last week of April, send me a message and let’s meet up.

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