Bookkeeper vs Accountant vs CPA

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Bookkeeper, accountant, and CPA what is the difference? Many times, when people will associate all three with as the same job, but when you dig down deeper there is an obvious difference. So, let’s see what the difference is between the three!



A bookkeeper is someone who maintains the daily financials transactions for a business. A bookkeeper doesn’t necessarily need to go to college or get any type of certification. The work that they do is then handed to the accountant who looks over it and make sure everything looks right. A business that has an inhouse bookkeeper usually is working with an accountant.



Accountants is the next level to the bookkeeper. One big difference is that generally, accountants have gone to college. Accountants also are those who you go to when you want your taxes done. Anything and everything that involve taxes, accountants are your people. As said in the bookkeeper section, the accountant oversees the bookkeeper. Not only do accountants deal with taxes, but they also help you with your budgets. Financial budgets are very important to any business. Accountants also represent their clients in an IRS audit if the accountant prepared the tax return.



CPAs are the top notch, highest level of accounting professionals! They do all the training and college education that accountants go through but the major difference between CPAs and accountants is that CPAs are certified by the state. That means they go take a CPA exam. CPAs are also those who represent you if you’re business or you are in trouble with the IRS, which one wants to be in!


All three of these accounting professionals are equipped to help you and your business financial needs. It all depends on what you are looking for. If you have an accountant but you want someone in your business be on top of the financials, then an inhouse bookkeeper might be best. No matter what your business is, you will need a financial professional sooner or later.


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