Tax Services

taxesAt Piña Business Services, we realize that the thought of preparing and filing your taxes can be a complex equation.

Our individual tax preparation services are designed to meet your personal tax compliance needs. Our tax strategies are focused on educating individuals as they prepare for major changes in their life, such as getting married, buying a house, or starting a business (independent contractors and sole proprietors). By using a tax professional at Piña Business Services to prepare and file your income tax return, you protect yourself against the possibility of incorrectly filing your tax return and paying too much in taxes. You can also spend less time preparing your tax return and more time doing something you enjoy.

Even if you use a computer software program, there’s no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax preparer. We will help you gather all of the relevant information, evaluate this information with you, and file all necessary federal and state tax returns based on your facts and circumstances to minimize your tax expense. Our tax services include tax preparation and tax planning.

Our individual tax preparation services include:

  • Helping you understand what records are needed to file a tax return
  • Asking you questions about completed transactions
  • Explaining the complex tax laws to you in an easy to understand way
  • Applying the tax laws to your facts and circumstances in the most favorable, legally acceptable manner
  • Preparing all necessary federal and state income tax returns for the current filing year
  • Getting you set up with an estimated tax payment plan, if necessary, for the next filing year
  • Recommending deductions and tax strategies to lower your taxes in future years
  • Being available all year to answer any questions you have even after you file your tax return
  • And more…

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All of our services are customized and ideal for individuals as well as businesses.

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