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There is only one passion that I have that is close to me being a die-hard Padre fan: that is Payroll.

I have worked in the Payroll field for 20 years and the two biggest problems I see are:

Time Theft and Being Sued for Underpayment

Have you ever had an employee get paid for more hours than they have worked?  Have you ever terminated an employee and within a week you received a letter from the State Employment Board or a Labor Attorney claiming you underpaid?  Trust me, they come, and I have spent many hours as a Payroll Manager spending collect time cards, and presenting proof that we paid the employee correctly in front of a Employment Board.   I lost 1 case, and that was because they were using time cards like in the above picture, and I won numerous cases because we were using a time clock system.

I have a solution for your dilemma by using time clock systems.  It is automatic, time stamped and holds up in a court of law.

Having no time cards leaves you open for “Time theft” as well as the employee’s word against yours.  Remember this saying “If it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen”.

Over the last 8 years I have been looking for the perfect system to help, not only for the small business owners, but also for big corporations with having employees and contractors in a building or out in the field.  I have found the perfect software: T-Sheets


Not only can employees clock in on a computer, they can also clock in using a phone call, text messaging, Twitter, and is compatible with an TimeCardAndroid or Apple device.  T-Sheets is not only just a time clock, but you can also log into projects or jobs. T-Sheets can also track GPS locations for those out in the field.

In California, starting July 2015, every employer is required to pay sick time to every employee that has worked 30 hours or more in a year.  They are require to pay up to 24 hours or 3 sick days per year.  What does this have to do with T-Sheets?   T-Sheets can also track your vacation and sick time for your employees.

T-Sheets will not only protect you and your company, it will also save you money on “Time theft” and overhead cost.

T-Sheets can integrate with over a dozen different payroll and accounting software.

What are you waiting for?  Go and try T-Sheets Free for a 14 day Trail

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As a T-Sheet Pro, I can help you get started as well as give you an added discount.