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It is not just for the self-employed and business ownerbox of receiptss it is for EVERYONE.

Did you know the #1 Most Common Problem I have seen over the years of being a Tax Preparer? Not Being Organized.   Every tax season, I always have about 6-12 clients that bring me a paper bags, envelopes, and yes a shoe box of receipts and invoices.

With the Smart Phones, there are apps that can help you get organized.  My favorite app that I use is called “Expensify”.  I have been recommending this app to all by Bookkeeping and Tax clients over the number of years.  It allows you to scan your receipts, keep track of your mileage and keep track of your time you spend on a project.  It will also allow you to run reports and share them with your Bookkeeper and Tax Preparer.

That is what I call a Win-Win situation.ExpensifyApproved


2015-06-26 02.32.15This year, I have been certified as an Expensify Approved Accountant by Expensify and I can help you set up your company.  Yes, that is right it is not just for the small business owners.  If you have a company with employees that have expense accounts, credit cards, or you pay their mileage this is a must have for your company.  If you or your employees travel, Expensify can sync your travel itineraries and track all your expenses.  Expensify can also sync with QuickBooks, Xero and as well as ADP and Paychex just to name a few programs that you may use.


Everone needs app


Remember how I said, “The app everyone needs….”


This app is for the individuals too.  For those who volunteer for their Church or Non-Profit group, we can set up your account to track your volunteer mileage and receipts that you spend on these groups and we can use it for your tax return to get the deductions you maybe qualify for.  If you or someone you claim on your tax return have a lot of medical appointments, we can set it up to track all your medical miles and medical expenses to determine if you can claim the medical deduction on your tax return.

To get signed up, click here and let’s get organized together.

Don't forgetDon’t forget to get it downloaded on your Smart Phone as well.



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