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Some of these companies offer products through which I am an affiliate. This means that if you click the links I provide and go on to make a purchase on their site, I am paid an affiliate commission for this. I am required by law to disclose this to you and I want to make one thing very clear. I would never sell you something to make the commission. I can assure you that the affiliate commissions on these products are too insignificant to make it worth my while to do that.

If I am offering you a link to a product or service, it is first and foremost because I love that product or service and what is has done for me or my business. Once I fall in love with a product or service I will contact the company to find out if they have an affiliate program simply because as long as I am going to send you there, if the company is willing to pay me a little something as a way of saying, “thank you for sending us the business..” then why not?

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