How my Twitter went off the hook

Every now and then I will participate in a Twitter chat, and something weird happened last week when I did.  Crowdfire had a chat about Personal Engagement, and my analytics went through the roof.  The 6th question, is the one where my phone went nuts with notifications.

Blog 2 Pic 1


My response was:

Blog 2 pic 2

The funny thing was I had a typo twitting instead of tweeting….hahaha.

According to Twitter Analytics I had 93,933 impressions and 110 engagements:

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Plus, I got 36 new followers.

I’m sure that there are other people who have gotten much larger analytics, but not me.  I normally get maybe 1 or 2 retweets, a few favorites and 100 or less impressions.

I don’t know what I did to get these high analytics, and I’m not sure I could ever repeat it.  But, all in all personal engagement and being transparent are very important.  Find the Twitter chats, and have a little fun.


Now, lets talk aKnowledge Sharingbout how “I help #smallbiz save money”:

It’s true; I can help small businesses save money.  And I had 1 person reach out to me asking me how.  Unfortunately, it’s not a magic formula, but it does take some analytics of my own to evaluate a business owner’s financials, and their tax return. I can teach you how to save money, have a profit first, reinvest back into their business and invest into themselves and their families.

Saving You Money:saving money pic

The different ways I can help a business save money, is to see how much time they are spending on tasks, that they could be paying someone else to take over.  If you were to spend 5 hours a week on your bookkeeping, payroll, paying bills, sending out invoices and let’s say that your time is worth $150 an hour.  Well that is $3,000 a month, and let’s say I could do all of it for $500 a month.  Now that is saving you $2500 a month and saving you 25 hours a month that you can be making money at what you do best.

Profit First:

Here is where we set up a few bank accounts. According to a new theory based on Mike Michalowicz’s book Profit First.  Let me know if you want some more details and I can send you a free gift from Mike.

Reinvest Back Into Your Business:save for future plan pic

Although the key is to have a profit on your P&L, but you need to make sure that you are reinvesting back into your business so you can grow.  Depending on the type of your business will determine on the different ways you can reinvest back into your business.

Invest into yourself and your Family:

Let’s get a retirement plan set up, a life insurance policy, or put money away for your kids educations are just a few ways that you can invest into yourself and your family.

Stop Think Act


I can help you save money in your small business.  Go here and let’s get started: