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Back in 2009, I was sitting with my Business Coach, Terry Harris, and we were talking about my tagline and what it should say.  And, Old Logoit came to me: Bookkeeping is like a puzzle. After a good discussion, we came up with our new tagline: “Bookkeeping is like a puzzle, do you know where all the pieces go?  We do, we can help.”  Next was a logo, we came up with 4 puzzle pieces, and in those puzzle pieces we had written: Budget, Profit, Expenses, and Taxes.

Let’s talk about the puzzle pieces:


As I talked about in the previous post: The Importance of a Budget, you want to have a plan to make sure you are staying on target.  Read the blog here for more details

Profit:Profit first

Who doesn’t want to make a profit?  I mean that is the whole purpose of having a business, is to make money.  Throughout the years I have been helping business owners with this plan, and this year I was introduced to the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz.  I have been in contact with him and am starting to introduce this book to my clients, and I have a free gift from Mike Michalowicz. Let me know if you would like one and I will send it to you.  Trust me, it is mind blowing.



There are many different expenses in your bookkeeping that are necessary to make your company run.  And there are many expenses that you pay for that doesn’t make your company run.  Having a budget will guide you, as well as keep you on the right path.  However, I take it a step further, to help you re-invest into your business, as well as yourself. By doing this it will allow you to pay less tax.  The key here is to have a quarterly Tax Analysis Prepared guide you down the right road.


The saying goes: there are 2 things in life that you can’t avoid: Death and Taxes.  Sure everyone has to file a tax return, but why do we have to pay taxes every April 15th ? Doing a quarterly Tax Analysis can guide you to pay quarterly taxes based on real time numbers. It can also help you lookTax analisis at different options to re-invest into your company as well as investing into yourself. If you have a family that will give you tax credits and deductions to allow you to have a smaller tax payment. This piece of the puzzle is what we work on for 12 months, your personal Tax Return.  Whether you are self-employed and file a Schedule C, or own a Corporation and receive a K-1.  Both of these items have an effect on your personal tax return.  It’s not just about your Profit & Loss, it is about not having to pay during tax season.


Now, I know our puzzle pieces are different today, then they were 6 years ago, and that is to brand the services that we provide at Piña Business Services: Bookkeeping, Payroll, Taxes and Public Notary services.

Long logo with tag line

Our New Logo since 2010

At Piña Business Services, we can provide all these bookkeeping services to you: creating your budget, becoming a profit first company, and a quarterly tax analysis, if you want a Free Consultation about these services, click here:


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